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Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 19 | Why Hardcore Mode is the Best

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Welcome!  And a special welcome BACK to Brad!  Ryan is away still but is with us in spirit.

In this episode, Brad finally introduces himself and tells a lovely true story about a man (Ricardo) who loses his Diablo III character FOREVER.  The nerds talk about Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation, Spectre (James Bond), Deadpool, Destiny, Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon, Halo 5 teaser, Mortal Kombat X new characters, new Guitar Hero, Life is Strange:  Episode 2, Zelda Wii U delay, and the new X-Files miniseries,

Don’t worry.  Be happy!

Host:  Jef M.
Co-Hosts:  Dennis D., Jon M., and Brad K.

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Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 14 | Guitar Hero Universal Tour, The Hurtings, Oscar Winners, and WWE Fastlane

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Time flies and the nerds are at Episode 14! In this milestone, Ryan, Jon, Dennis, and Jef talk about their hope for the next Guitar Hero and Rock Band videogame. They also reveal their secret life as master musicians called The Hurtings. They discuss the winners of the prestigious Academy Awards and the WWE PPV winner Roman Reigns even though it sounds like Sting stole the show. Enjoy!