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Getting Ready for E3 2017 with Photos from 2016

In case you haven’t added our Facebook page, I am posting some of the photographs that I took at E3 2016.

E3 Entrance Doors
Let me in to review the games now!

I’m eagerly waiting for more news on Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves skeleton
Come ‘ere. I have a bone to pick with ye!

The world could use even more Overwatch.  Maybe they’ll have an Eastern Asian character next like a Filipino.

Overwatch Winston
Where’s my banana partfait!?

For Honor was a pretty good game and I played the recent Beta.  Didn’t think it was worth getting at the moment because the single player campaign is non-existent to pretty short.  I told the representative that I was looking forward to playing other factions like a Middle Eastern or South Asian faction with tribal swords and what not.  DLC?

For Honor gameplay kiosks

More For Honor gameplay kiosks

If I had a PS4 and had already beat Zelda:  Breath of the Wild, I would be playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn cosplay
There was a dude wearing this kick-ass costume. Very impressive.

Last but not least, more Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves skeleton captain dude
Dead men tell no tales!







Heading into E3 2017 and Taking a Look Back in the Past

Remember when Destiny was unveiled and had an awesome launch!?  Will that happen again with Destiny 2?

Remember when Ghosts was all the rage and now we’re going to be heading back into World War 2 with our boots on the ground?

Here are some images that I took from E3 2013 to help us remember those days.  Looking forward to taking more pics at E3 2017!

Make sure to check again because I will post images from E3 2016 soon!


Katsucon 2015

Katsucon 2015 – National Harbor, MD. February 13-15, 2015

Situation: Katsucon is the beginning of the anime convention year for my contourage (props to cosplayer Trickssi for that word). National Harbor is great place to have a con, but in winter it’s a bit cold next to the water. It lands on Valentine’s Day weekend again. I cosplayed as usual with my two versions of Ryoga from Ranma 1/2.

Registration: It was a breeze…if you preregistered and got in line on Thursday. It only took me an hour to get through, which needs to be faster. I found out that some people that preregistered and went on Friday took 2 hours and who registered day of took 5 hours due to computer issues. Totally unacceptable. It’s an ongoing theme with all cons and they still don’t want to send them out due to counterfeit. We’ll see the rest of this year if this situation ever gets better.

K-Pop vs. J-Pop Dance!: After the panelists showed us comparison of K-Pop and J-Pop dances, the party started when the panelists split us up to pit us against each other in a dance battle. Each team would perform one song and dance of K-Pop and J-Pop. The judges would decide who wins. Very fun! Our team won the J-Pop battle, but lost the K-Pop.

Formal Ball Lessons: Ah, a favorite of mine. Even though I know how to dance already, it never hurts to meet new people to possibly dance with at the formal ball! As has been my experience with these lessons, the dudes outnumber the ladies, but fear not! We rotate partners. Diana Hong, assisted by Jen and Kayleigh (sp?), taught everyone two dances with similar steps, but danced to very different music, the Waltz and Rumba. It’s a shame that we couldn’t use those dances much at the formal ball (more on that later). Great lessons!

Formal Ball: Leave your Deadpool costume in your room because you aren’t getting in without wearing something nice. I wore black pants and vest with a yellow shirt and yellow/black tie with my yellow bandana from my Ryoga cosplay. This year they gave people yellow wristbands if they were up to dancing with anyone. The formal ball was ok. The problem was with the music. They spent all this time teaching us how to do Waltz and Rumba, but they played mainly Viennese Waltzes which are so much faster than Waltz and not enough Rumba. I ended up sitting out most of the dances until I was able to find the dance teacher assistants, Jen and Kayleigh. They sympathized with my pain of not being able to dance to most of the songs, but when we got the chance to dance to a proper song, we got in some good rumbas, cha chas, foxtrots, swings, and hustles. I think they should have sprinkled some more line dances and wedding-type music to get people on the floor dancing together. It did end the night on a high note with Uptown Funk.

Super Art Fight: More like Super Art Fun! Two artists walk in, one artist walks out. Red pants guy won. It was awesome.

Masquerade: I tried to get through it. Part of why I don’t really enjoy these anymore is I don’t get any of the references to the newer anime. Every time there was a walk-on, I thought it was a skit and I had no idea what was happening. I left early.

Classic Anime for New Fans: Finally! Anime that I am familiar with. Seeing clips of anime from the 80s and 90s was great. They included Ranma 1/2 on the list so the panel was all good to me!

Dealer Room/Artist Alley: I spent more money at this convention than I normally due. I got 2 Smash Bros. shirts, a Chocoracha shirt, two prints, and a Robotech anniversary figure. Lots of tempting stuff at the Artist Alley, but could not bring myself to spend the cash on it.

Verdict: Katsucon is usually one of my top two cons of the year. It could have to do with me having to leave early every day and not getting in any gaming. I give it a + for meeting a few anime ballroom dancers.

= RyanHP