Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 18 | Finally a virtual reality episode and web swinging with Spiderman

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Welcome!  And a special welcome to Brad!  Ryan is too cool for school so he is attending Zenkaicon.  Brad though is selfless enough to come and chat with the gang about Spiderman.  However; most of the episode is dedicated to VRLA and the “next big thing” called virtual reality.


Host:  Jef M.
Co-Hosts:  Dennis D., Jon M., and Brad K.

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Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 17 | What is The Nintendo NX, why is Cinderella exquisite, and why is Kojima-san quiting

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Welcome!  And a special welcome back to Dennis!  We missed him.  Didn’t you!?

In this week’s episode, the gang of nerds talk about the Nintendo, their foray into smart phone and tablet apps, and what the NX could be.  They also talk about their love of fairy tales and Cinderella and Solid and Naked Snakes.


Host:  Ryan P.
Co-Hosts:  Dennis D., Jonathan M., and Jeffrey M.

Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 16 | Ryan really wants an Apple Watch and excited for Battlefield Hardline and Mortal Kombat X

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Just kidding, Ryan doesn’t want an Apple Watch but you should buy him one anyway.  The $10,000 gold one.

In this episode, Squishy joins us once again to rave with the Nerds about Apple products, Mortal Kombat X, Titanfall 2, Frozen 2, Star Wars Rogue One spinoff, Rings (prequel to The Ring), and Run All Night.  Enjoy to your hearts content!

Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 15 | Star Trek, Squishy, Destiny, GDC, Rockband 4, Sony Playstation Morpheus, Valve HTC Vive

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Welcome to our latest and greatest.

Please welcome our first special guest of the show:  Squishy!  He’s a big mega fan of Destiny and has a lot to say about it.  Dennis is missing in action but the other nerds are here:  Ryan, Jef, and Jon.  Join this new band of brothers as they talk about this week’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference), Summer Lesson, VR expectations, and Margot Robbie.

RIP Leonard Nimoy
Live Long and Prosper!