Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 6 | Christmas cheers and gaming memories

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Merry Christmas, nerds! If you’ve been a good gamer geek all year long then you deserve all the gifts that a gamer could want. In today’s episode, Ryan, Jef, Jon, and Dennis talk about their favorite Christmas gifts like 16-bit Genesis and Super Nintendo, Tiger Electronics, Game & Watch, dirty socks, and The Interview.

Nerdy430 Podcast Episode 5 | Meet your makers

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Ryan, Jef, Jon, and Dennis are pleased to meet you.  In this episode, they’ll talk about themselves, their favorites, and how nerdy they are.  At the end of the episode, you’ll be able to choose your favorite.  Clearly, it’s Ryan.

NOTE:  He paid me to write that.

Just kidding!  He’s a pretty cool guy.